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Banque du Caire Summer Internship التدريب الصيفي في بنك القاهرة



Description of the internship

The Summer Internship Program 2022 has begun, and Banque du Caire is glad to introduce it.

Candidates who are eager to begin an internship at Banque du Caire and are interested in pursuing a career in banking after graduation are encouraged to apply. The internship will last one month at one of the Head Office Departments or Branches, depending on the participant's subject of study and the department/capabilities. branch's

Commitment is a must for the perfect individual.

Interested in learning new things.

Willing to work in a genuine job setting and have the opportunity to assist and improve on current banking goods and services.

Willing to contribute to the bank's new ideas by playing a role.

Internship Requirements

Students in their second and third years.

Only Egyptian universities, including public and private, are authorised by Egypt's Ministry of Higher Education.

Specializations required: (Accounting, Business Administrations ,Finance& Investment , Banking & Finance, Marketing, E-Commerce, Economics & Political Science , Computer Science, Management Information System )

How to Apply 

The application deadline is Thursday, June 2nd, 2022.

1- Go to the Banque du Caire's official Likandan page.

2- Include all of the following requirements:

- A letter from the university stating the major, grade, and year.

- A copy of your national identification card

- Updated C.V. with E-mail address and phone number (mentioning the suitable Period : July or August or).